Who's nursery is this anyways?

From the moment you find out you are expecting, the name game begins! And what a tremendous amount of pressure put on the parents to name their child something that they can LIVE with the rest of their lives! Is it hard to pronounce? Will it have nicknames? Will the teacher always call out the first name, and the child will have to correct them with what they "actually" go by? Can they be an attorney with a name like that? Is that a bitchy name? A nerdy name? A name that 10 other kids will have in their kinder class? Perhaps you are one of those people that knew their child's name from age 12, and your lovely husband has no opinion.... but not in this household. Nope. We had to sort through HUNDREDS of names. I had to "wear" them for a few days each... picture myself screaming the name up the stairs, visualizing what a child with that name might look like - and if my genes were capable of that.... Unfortunately my favorite name was used before I was pregnant with my first. And it's a darn good name if you ask me, Caden Lane. I needed a name that was strong, that couldn't be pronounced wrong... that could sorta be boy or girl... and that epitomized modern-nursery-decor. Okay, so the name doesn't do that all by itself.... but if the company was named "Eugene Dexter" you might think twice about following our design advice. I would. LOL. Anyways, my first ended up getting the name "Cade Jackson" b/c I just couldn't think of another name I liked more. AND NO - the company was not named after my son. I need to make that very clear so that when my daughter is old enough to ask where "her" company is... I won't have to whip up a baby line called "Ashlyn Sophia"! (Although, I did name a bedding set after her, just in case. I'm just a planner like that.) Okay, so you've got this great name planned out that you've been obsessing over for 9 months. Or maybe just a few weeks if you and your hubbie didn't agree until the last minute! Note to those mommies: YOU WILL WIN. Just hang tight, and keep suggesting the name. As soon as our husbands figure out how to carry the child for nine months, AND give birth... then their opinion will be considered. I'm just sayin... Back to the name you love. Why not decorate with it! Afterall, you are so proud of it, and you've been telling it (middle name included) to whoever asks.... it just might be the best name ever! And you know what? It's one of my favorite things to put above a crib. There's just something sweet and timeless about a child's name whimsically hung above their bed. (And it makes for a really cute newborn picture later on too.) Here's some of our favorite designers with different letter options! Our favorite being Petite Suites, available at NurseryCouture.com. Only $20 per letter! Here's another option we found on etsy! LOVE the prints!
Hand Painted Wooden Letters M2M CADEN LANE CLASSIC PINKS
Not so square? Check out these adorable ROUND wood wall letters!
These are pretty cute - they are fabric covered letter blocks... and would be adorable on a shelf!
Zebra Nursery LETTERS, WALL LETTERS, Personalized Letters, Black and White LETTERS, Fabric Letters, Painted Letters
Or! You could even do a personalized monogram applique on the wall - in your choice of colors!
Car A La Carte Monogram
Happy Shopping! And for those of you who STILL haven't found a name. This is a great website to search for popular and unique baby names.

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