Why You Should Have a Baby Quilt

Baby Quilts - Why You Should Have One

Baby Quilts - Why You Should Have One

When it came to my baby nursery planning… quilts were last on my mind. However, my very persistent mother insisted I “HAVE to have a special quilt” for my little one. It was clear that was going to be the shower gift from my mom. She was super excited to give me a baby quilt that would be more of a keepsake for years to come. After all quilts aren’t necessarily for wrapping your little one up, it’s more about the décor (isn’t it always?). I thought to myself if she is getting me a quilt I should take full advantage of making sure it’s going to be the BEST looking quilt EVER for my little one! After doing some online shopping for quilts I quickly realized quilts aren’t so boring anymore. I love this gender neutral baby quilt.

Mason's Arrow Baby Quilt

Mason's Mint & Gold Arrow Baby Quilt | Caden Lane

 And this beautiful baby looks so precious with this amazing colorful quilt.

Baby Quilt from Second Stitch to the Right

Ellie Quilt | Second Stitch to the Right 

Immediately ideas on what to do with my baby quilt started flooding me. How cute for nursery décor, or a great playtime and tummy time mat, what about doing monthly newborn photos, or even just a pretty keepsake? I love how this quilt is used for tea time, SO ADORABLE!!! Creating so many memories of special moments and playtime on our baby quilt is what makes the quilt so special.

Tea Party on a Baby Quilt | via A Second Stitch to the Right

Emery Quilt | Second Stitch to the Right

NURSERY DESIGN TIP: You can have a lot of details in your nursery but it will all come together by tying the colors together.

I knew I wanted my quilt to match the colors of my nursery.

My little Scarlett’s nursery was coming together mostly with corals, mints and pops of GOLD (which I am still obsessing over GOLD NURSERIES- I have concluded that might always be a thing).

My final picks came down to Callie's Coral & Gold or Sarah's Pink & Aqua baby quilts, both winners in my opinion!

Caden Lane Baby Quilts

Callie's Baby Quilt | Sarah's Baby Quilt

But what I love most about the Caden Lane baby quilts is that there are so many different patterns and colors in each quilt. Both quilts had the colors I was looking for, and by adding a personalized monogram it puts it in the keepsake category. However I won’t lie the purples and lilacs from Lily’s Lilac & Gold Floral have been catching my eye lately, especially with this little lavender Kickee Pants footie. I’m obsessed with this cutie!

  Lily's Lilac Baby Quilt

Lily's Lilac & Gold Floral Baby Quilt | Caden Lane

I will always have precious memories of my little girl growing and she will even have a quilt that can be passed down to her children! With so many uses for baby quilts, I’m looking forward to using ours for all of the fun activities. What is your favorite thing to do with your baby quilt? 

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