Your Perfect Baby Girl Crib Bedding

You want your baby girl’s nursery to be perfect. And since the crib is such a big part of every nursery, we are here to help you pick out the perfect baby girl crib bedding.  Baby bedding comes in many styles and even more colors so it’s difficult to know where to start.  After reading this post we hope you’ll feel more confident in choosing the girl crib bedding that is perfect for you and your perfect nursery. To start, here are some of our top girl bedding sets: top baby girl crib bedding sets

Coral and Gold Dot | Lily Pad | Tiny Bouquet Rose | Coral Camila

Pink and coral definitely rule in the world of girl nursery design.  And florals are obviously up there at the top of the trend totem pole.  Plus our original three-tier gradient crib skirts add some interest and girly details to the bedding.  So those three factors combined, make for some pretty trendy bedding. These are also all pretty bright, which we love.  But if that isn’t your thing, there’s a softer route to girl baby bedding that you can take: mint baby girl crib bedding

Mint & Gold Damask | Mint & Gold Dot

Mint is another super popular color trend for nursery design.  While it’s all the rage in gender neutral rooms, it works just as well in a baby girl’s nursery.  The softer side of this pallet makes for a really versatile style that will work well in a lot of different nurseries and color combinations. If that’s a little too soft but the right color direction, our Aztec + Tribal Girl nursery bedding might be for you: tribal baby girl crib bedding

Trinity’s Tribal

This girly Aztec baby bedding picks up on a more specific nursery theme, but still lends itself to a soft and girly feel. A few last thoughts:  When picking out your girl crib bedding make sure you take into account the crib you’re putting the bedding on. Does the crib allow for a crib skirt or do you just need a crib sheet? Are you going to be able to see the bedding as well as you like or is it going to be covered by thicker crib rails? We hope this helped and don’t forget to browse all of our girl crib bedding.

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