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Baby's 1st Birthday Attire

July 01, 2010 1 Comment

1st Birthday Attire  The very first birthday can be such a memorable moment!! Why not celebrate it in style?? I love when all the mommies are looking for that perfect outfit for their precious little one to wear for their special day. There is always one winner for the little girls. Tutu’s!!! I love them! It’s like every aspect of a little girl all rolled up into one skirt full of ribbons, bows, and glitter. Have no worries when it comes time to pick a color, it’s not all about pink anymore.  Your little fashionistas can pick from the prettiest colors you can imagine!  (Great Birthday tutu's on www.nurserycouture.com coming soon!)  Fear not my mommies with little boys, times have definitely changed and the evolution of baby boy products has begun.  A monogrammed shirt or onsie with your little one's name can be just perfect for your little man.  For the finishing touch I would recommend the Prince Birthday Hat & the Birthday Girl Hat by Mud Pie!  All your guests are bound to recognize the 1-year-old of the hour in those adorable hats! 


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Bambi Lang
Bambi Lang

October 31, 2016

Where can I buy Nursery Couture baby apparel online?

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