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Boutique Baby Bedding: Come see our store in San Antonio

April 29, 2014

Come see our store in San Antonio, Nursery Couture, for the LARGEST selection of Boutique Baby Bedding anywhere in Texas! They keep the entire Caden Lane baby bedding line in stock, along with all the big kid bedding sets too! Adorable nursery vignettes line the store, with an amazing selection of apparel, newborn gifts, strollers, furniture, breast feeding essentials and more! A sister company to Caden Lane, Nursery Couture keeps over 65 styles of Boutique Baby Bedding in stock at any time! Their wonderful staff is always happy to help you create your dream nursery. So if you are looking for coral baby bedding, gray baby bedding, or mint baby bedding - you've come to the right store! Nursery Couture Katy Mimari, designer for Caden Lane, opened Nursery Couture in San Antonio in 2006 when she realized there were not a lot of trendy baby boutiques in the area. The store quickly became knows as THE baby boutique to visit in San Antonio, and moms from all around South Texas visit daily to see the adorable store! Most of the store is filled with exclusive products that Katy designs and manufactures just for her store! You are guaranteed to have the BEST baby gift at the shower when it's wrapped in a Nursery Couture bag! Boutique Baby Bedding

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