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Caden Lane Big Kid Rooms

March 16, 2010 1 Comment

We officially listed our house today, and I'm hoping that my children's rooms alone will help sell this CASA! :-) One of the greatest parts of designing our crib bedding (and now BIG KID bedding) is making it all come together in my own children's rooms. Cade (my oldest) was the inspiration back in the day when I couldn't find crib bedding that I liked. I wanted something clean & simple, but with plenty of color! The Cade bedding set from the Classic Boy collection was my answer. And luckily, I planned ahead enough that it was an easy transition into his big boy room - I kept the same decor, just switched the crib out for a big boy bed! Ashlyn just moved out of her crib and into her big girl bed! And who doesn't love a room with rhinestones, a chandelier, and a crown??? The Modern Vintage Collection came about before I knew I was having a girl, but the second I found out it was a she and not a he - I knew I wanted a funky girlie nursery with turquoise and purple accents! How girlie-girl is this? Course - I must give credit to the artist that helped me bring it all together. Tracy from Petite Suites has painted half the nurseries in San Antonio, and is constantly getting requests to travel to help other design-savy mommie's create their nurseries too! She even came with us to paint Samantha Harris' nursery for her baby girl Josslyn! You have to check out her website - it will give you ALL KINDS of ideas for your nursery too! www.petitesuite.net

1 Response

Mary Bauer
Mary Bauer

October 31, 2016

The room is so beautiful. I love the way you dressed our daybed. It looks so lavish! Everything gorgeous. I’d love to get a copy of the picture.

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