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Hardwood Floors for the baby's room

June 19, 2010

These days it seems that every room shot of a baby's room (for bedding, furniture, etc) features beatuiful hardwood floors in the nursery! But let's be practical here... do we all have hardwood floors in our kids rooms? I don't know about you, but MOMMY will be getting hard wood floors in her room before the little rug rats do! We just wrapped up the the photo shoot for the Boutique Collection, and found this beautiful rug to use in the shoot.... the best part.... it LOOKS like real hard wood floors! The rug is made with a soft foam, and wipes clean. And for practical mommies like us! How can we resist? Size: 66"x46"     $148 (a steal of a deal) Available at: www.UrbanOutfitters.com
Trompe L'Oeil Floor Mats

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