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It's a don't-touch-my-newborn cover. Technically.

July 26, 2010 1 Comment

My kiddos are 2 and 5 now, so we are past the age of "oh my gosh how cute..." and "oooooh i could just eat those squishy cheeks...." - in fact, when strangers approach them, it's more common for me to say things like "careful, they are sticky" or "touch at your own risk". But it wasn't long ago that I remember toting them around in their (oh so heavy) car seats with a blanket draped over the top. What is it about newborns that is so hard to resist? It's almost like a magnet.... pulling your hand in.... forcing you to touch them... just one toe, one cheek.... pleaaaaseee.... let me just get within 12 inches of them! We are all just as guilty as the next person. If only there was an invisible shield that protected our newborns from un-washed hands, un-covered sneezes, and peering toddlers. And then some GENIUS mom invented this. It's a pod. It's a tent. No.... it's BRILLIANT! And now it's available through Caden Lanein a variety of fun and funky fabrics! Our Car Seat Covers ($48) have an elastic bottom that fits securely around almost any infant car seat. It's easy to get on, and even easier to take off, and the design of it keeps the fabric away from the baby's face (something that my "thrown" blanket never did). It has a slit in the front for accessibility (something you first timer mommies will appreciate), and a small pocket on the side to store that emergency pacifier! The best part, it keeps those baby-obsessed people (like me) from touching all over your precious, clean, and healthy newborn. Disclaimer: If I know you personally, or you just seem super nice. This will not deter me. I will immediately reach through your cover to cuddle on that baby. I know your secrets. You can not hide that bundle of joy from me. :-) (But I promise to have clean hands!)

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Erica Myers
Erica Myers

October 31, 2016

Hahaha hilarious AND a great idea! I just recently had my little baby boy and am looking for something just like this to protect him from the sun and the elements as well as pestering people always looking to say hello. He’s cute! I know!!! lol

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