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The perfect pink and brown nursery.

March 04, 2011

That's where it all started ladies (and gentlemen)... with pink and brown. Okay, blue and brown too! Waaaaay back in the day, when the color chocolate brown was no where to be found in the nursery - we re-defined the baby room rules, and said good-bye to pastels, and hello to chocolate brown... and introduced a little collection known as "The Classics". Little did we know that the color combination would consume the entire baby industry. So here we are, seven years later... and still... the Classic Collection reins as one of our best selling bedding & accessory collections. Apparently it's working out pretty well for other manufacturers too! Here's a few of my favorite finds in nursery decor that would coordinate just perfectly with our Classic Collection Crib  and Big Kid Bedding. Let's start with the Taylor... plush thick slip-covered bumpers... stripes, polk-dats... three shades of pink and brown perfection. Oh, and a steal at $450 for a 4 piece set. Caden Lane Taylor - Designer Crib Bedding Set Pottery Barn Kids has a polka dot rug ($269 for the 5x8 - a perfect size to lay diagonally across the floor). Polka Dot Rug Or, you can purchase this super-soft shaggy raggy rug at RosenberryRooms.com in a variety of colors! Wall art? Hmmm... my favs are... "New Song Wall Art" $155 at NurseryCouture.com or "Miss Priss" also available at NurseryCouture.com New Song Wall ArtMiss Priss Wall Art Add some "personalization" with a monogrammed lamp shade! Pink with Brown and White Dot Ribbon ShadeBrown with Pink and Brown Ribbon Shade OR! Are you looking for blue & brown bedding? Our Cade Bedding Set, where all the bedding originated - I was actually pregnant with my son, and couldn't find bedding I liked (imagine that) so designed the Cade set for my son... Cade! These vintage synonym flashcards describe the little man in the making! $39 each available at RHbabyandchild.com Vintage Synonym Flashcard Art Or, spell it out, with these blue & brown hanging lettersfrom NurseryCouture.com! Or these letter blocks in bluefrom RosenberryRooms.com... Max 7X7 Blue Classic LettersLetter Blocks in Blue Polkamania brown & white Shaggy Raggy Rug by The Rug Market...
Polkamania Brown & White Rug
And to celebrate all the success that our Classic Collectionhas had over the years, we're having a little SALE this weekend! So hurry and grab your favorites, because the sale ends Sunday at midnight!

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