Classic Blue & White Floral Baby Girl's Nursery

Juliet's Timeless & Elegant Blue and White Floral Nursery

Timeless and elegant, the classic color combination of blue and white has always been a staple in home design. We decided to give this traditional design palette a fresh twist in our most recent baby girl nursery design. The moment we designed our brand new Juliet Collection, we knew it's feminine blue and white floral design was meant to be featured in a nursery style like this. I'm totally obsessed with our brand new gathered crib skirts, bows (you know how we like everything bigger in Texas) and just about anything that's floral in the nursery. (Insert all the heart eye emojis!!!)

Classic Blue & White Floral Baby Girl's Room with Blue China

I love that we incorporated the traditional blue and white plates into the design, but the room isn't centered around them. The obvious design choice would have been to stack them over the crib and dresser, but we mixed it up, sprinkling a few on each side of the window! The room has a seamless combination of traditional and modern, the thick chunky wool rug stacked with the fluffy white fur, the vintage wood oval mirror above the dresser, and the chairs - OH THE CHAIRS - all perfectly don't match, yet we couldn't imaging the room without those pieces! That bold blue stripe is the perfect contrast with all the sweet vintage floral print throughout the room.

Classic Blue China as wall decor in baby girl's Blue Floral Nursery

There's such a thing as too much of a good thing. So, we added blush colored walls. :-) The blue and white quickly became overwhelming, and we knew we needed a soft and subtle background color to compliment the design and sweeten the deal. Pink just didn't seem to go, but this lovely shade of blush pink (Sherwin Williams SW6301 Patient White) compliments every part of the room that doesn't have that color in it. Crazy right? We really didn't use the blush tone much at all, besides the light pink lamp base (a great Target find), the only other spot you find anything other than blue and white is on the walls! You're taking a second look right? Almost didn't even notice the walls were pink? Yup. It's THAT good. Now imagine them white... just wouldn't be the same, right?

 Blush Pink Accents in a Blue & White Floral Nursery

Design tip: There's just one white, right? Wrong. There's like a thousand shades of white, cream, ivory, bright white, soft white, warm white - and you know what... they ALL GO TOGETHER. Trust us, just accept this now - otherwise you'll drive yourself crazy trying to make everything match!

 Large Hand Painted name above the crib in blue & white floral nursery with blush pink walls

And can we just talk about that name over the crib? When we were working on the room design, we wanted to incorporate the baby's name on one of the main walls. But the simple personalized wall art piece just didn't seem to be enough to stand out with all the print and pattern in the room. I remember we were standing back thinking of how we could get the name big enough, and in one of those ta-da moments we were like - "let's just paint it HUGE". That calligraphy style is so popular right now, and I love how whimsically it's written over the crib. Almost like a classy graffiti style name. OMG. Graffiti is totally coming back now. Ha!

Juliet Crib Bedding - Caden Lane

Chairs - Overstock

Rocking horse - Restoration Hardware

Curtains - Caden Lane

Dresser - Restoration Hardware

Mirror - Home Goods

Plates - Hand-me-downs

Lamp - Target

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  • Jordan Shiao

    Are you going to bring back or have available the blue and white floral fabric? I found it wandering the internet and I don’t see it anywhere on your sight and am in love with the print.

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