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This week we're talking about gender neutral nursery colors! Take a look below as our designer, Katy Mimari, discusses where gender neutral colors have been and where she sees them going. Plus get some great ideas for your own gender neutral nursery!

Neutral nursery design has come a long way from yellow and white, what are your favorite gender neutral nursery colors?

Gone are the days of giraffes and dancing bears (thank goodness), I absolutely love that nursery design has gone outside the gender box, and we are seeing more and more colors emerge as a gender neutral palette. Navy is no longer just for boys, as we’ve seen the pink and navy and coral and navy combinations grow in popularity this year. And the pastel shade of mint and aqua, that would have before been considered feminine is the perfect color to work with feminine or masculine esthetic. 

popular gender neutral nursery colors

What do you think of the all white nursery design trend?

I have to admit, i love the clean and modern feel of an all white nursery, but enjoy it while it lasts because as soon as the toy buckets, clothes, and stuffed animals cover the floor the all white is quickly a multi-color mess of reality! Honestly, I do love the simplicity of the all white. And it works as a great starting point to add more pink or blue after the baby is born! I would definitely recommend planning the all white nursery with a visual of what and where you’d add color once the gender is revealed.

All White Gender Neutral Nursery Colors

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What is your favorite color combination for a neutral nursery?

My current favorite is mint with just about any color, but keeping with gender neutral nursery colors, I guess the mint and gray combination (like in our Mint and Gray Arrow Baby Bedding) is top on my list. I love how the mint and gray combo can easily accompany a third color like navy or coral once the baby is born. 

We just introduced our Jamie’s Black and White Geo Aztec Crib Bedding which has a bold print design that is extremely gender neutral. Add a mint crib sheet and it’s a modern version of a mint neutral crib set.

Black, White & Mint Neutral Baby Bedding

Do you think all colors can be used in a gender neutral nursery?

Actually yes! I’ve seen so many nursery designs lately that really aren’t just about one color - they use a variety of colors, from primaries, to pastels, which all seamlessly come together in a perfectly whimsical and modern design. Let’s be real, most things “baby” will not match the color theme of your room, so by letting go of those color boundaries at the beginning, it opens the door to a creative and colorful space that works for boys or girls!

colorful gender neutral nursery with black walls

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Are yellow and gray still big as gender neutral nursery colors?

Absolutely! Our yellow and gray baby bedding has been going strong for years! It’s the perfect modern twist on the classic yellow and white. One of my favorite yellow and gray crib sets we have is the brand new Grahams Tribal Crib Bedding - i’m obsessed with the tribal theme, and the print design is almost drool worthy!

Graham's Tribal Yellow & Gray Gender Neutral Baby Bedding

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