When is the Best Time to Start Buying Baby Clothes and Other Newborn Stuff?

Expecting a new addition to the family is a whirlwind of emotions - joy, anticipation, and sometimes, a touch of anxiety. 

There is no shortage of things to do as you prepare for your child’s arrival. But amid these whirlwind feelings is a common question expecting parents ask: when is the best time to start buying baby clothes? 

The urge to start shopping as soon as you see a positive pregnancy test is real. This desire is only strengthened when you catch a glimpse of adorable outfits online or pass by a baby boutique in town.

Yet, timing matters. Start too early, and you risk overbuying. Wait too long, and you might be scrambling at the last minute. 

We understand the challenges, the uncertainties, and the desire to ensure your little one has everything they need from day one. After all, we’ve been through it ourselves as parents. 

So we’ll help you gain a better understanding of when to buy baby clothes and offer tips to navigate the shopping spree that awaits you! Let’s not waste any time - when should you start buying baby stuff?

When is the Best Time to Start Buying Baby Clothes?

The thrill of expecting a new member of the family quickly turns to stress and uncertainty as you ponder when to buy baby clothes. 

So, when is the best time to start buying baby clothes? When should you start buying baby stuff in general, like a car seat, crib, and other nursery essentials?

We wholeheartedly believe that the sooner you can get a jump on baby shopping the better. There is so much to do between the moment you find out you’re pregnant and the day your baby is delivered that there’s not a moment to waste! Here’s why we advocate for shopping early.

The Early Bird Advantage: Why the Best Time to Start Buying Baby Clothes is ASAP!

Early shopping gives you the liberty to be picky. With no pressure, you can explore different materials, designs, and brands, ensuring that your baby gets the absolute best.

And, it also paves the way for a fun, stress-free process. The last thing you want to do in the latter stages of your third trimester is rush to fill your child’s wardrobe or find a car seat that meets your standards.

Starting early empowers you and your partner to bond and enjoy the journey. Picturing your baby in a cute little outfit is not only exciting but also helps in mentally preparing for the coming phase.

Plus, early birds enjoy a buffer for mistakes or miscalculations. Got the wrong size gowns? Think you may need more bibs? You have ample time to exchange or return items, and you can always go back for more after the fact.

Pregnancy Stages: A Trimester-by-Trimester Shopping Guide

You can get started as soon as you discover you’re pregnant - but you can also look at when to start buying baby stuff through this trimester-by-trimester shopping guide we’ve curated for you:

  • First Trimester: Now's the time for research. Dive into the world of baby brands, explore materials best for baby skin, and understand the different clothing sizes or crib sheet sizes. It’s perhaps too soon to fill the cart, but a few cherished items won't hurt.
  • Second Trimester: Make use of your renewed energy during the 'golden trimester'. This is an optimal time to invest in basics like onesies, soft socks, and swaddles. Additionally, consider special items like a newborn coming home outfit or baby milestone blanket.
  • Third Trimester: Get more practical as the due date nears. Stock up on varying sizes as growth spurts are unpredictable. Think layers for colder months, and easy-to-snap onesies for quick changes.

Financial Planning: Spreading Out the Cost Over Time

Embarking on baby shopping all at once might lead to a staggering bill. This is yet another reason why we believe the best time to start buying baby clothes is early. It gives you time to shop in batches. 

That being said, you’ll still need to develop a monthly budget for baby clothes. This helps in distributing expenses and aids in prioritizing purchases. We’ll talk more about budgeting later on.

Seasonal Considerations: Planning Around Your Baby's Due Date

While your baby will need a year-round wardrobe, some items will be needed sooner based on their arrival. Here are some considerations based on the time of year:

  • Summer Babies: Think breathable fabrics like cotton for little ones arriving in the warmer months. Invest in short-sleeved gowns for newborns, lightweight newborn hats to shield them from the sun, and thin blankets.
  • Winter Newcomers: Cozy is the keyword here. Opt for fleece-lined footies, mittens, and snug caps that cover the ears. A thicker newborn swaddle or personalized baby blanket is crucial to keep the chill at bay.
  • Transition Seasons: If your baby is due in spring or autumn, versatility is vital. Layering is your best friend. Acquire a mix of light and moderately warm clothing.

No matter the season, always consider buying a size up. Babies grow at astonishing rates, and it’s prudent to have clothes ready for the next phase.

Sales and Discounts: Aligning Your Shopping with Major Sales Events

Timing is everything when shopping on a budget. As it pertains to when to buy baby clothes, this becomes even more true. Ideally you’d be able to shop during huge sales to make the most of your budget:

  • Holiday Sales: Most brands offer hefty discounts during festive periods like Christmas, Black Friday, or New Year's. Mark your calendar.
  • End-of-Season Sales: Retailers often clear out the previous season's inventory at slashed prices. A strategic move would be buying clothes for the next year.
  • Subscriptions & Loyalty Programs: Many brands reward loyal customers with exclusive deals and early sale access. It might be worthwhile to join mailing lists or loyalty clubs.

Baby Showers and Gifts: How to Factor in Potential Gifts

One challenge of when to start buying baby stuff that we haven’t mentioned is balancing your own shopping efforts with baby showers and other gifts you’ll receive. 

While these are obviously blessings, they do throw a wrench in the mix as you don’t want to do all the shopping for yourself only to end up with duplicates. 

So, we recommend working off a single baby registry. You can then remove items from the registry as you purchase them for yourself, and they’ll be removed as individuals purchase them for you. This also ensures you get the exact items you want - down to the size, design, and other details.

Gifts are heartwarming gestures but don’t entirely depend on them. Continue your baby apparel shopping, factoring in the potential gifts as a bonus rather than a surety.

Knowing When to Start Buying Baby Stuff, the Question Now is - Where to Buy Baby Clothes?

So, when is the best time to start buying baby clothes? When should you start buying baby stuff in general? As you now know, earlier is better. But let’s progress the conversation now that you know when to buy baby clothes. Where should you buy baby clothes?

From online retailers to local boutiques there is no shortage of options. That being said, finding a brand you can trust is paramount. Here’s why…

The Importance of Shopping With a Brand You Trust

Trust isn’t just about quality - it's about safety, transparency, and ethics. These are things you cannot compromise on when it comes to your child. Babies have sensitive skin, and not all materials are suited for them. 

Reliable brands prioritize non-toxic dyes and avoid hazardous elements like loose buttons. They also provide detailed product descriptions so you know exactly what you're purchasing. This offers you peace of mind knowing you’re giving your child the quality they deserve. 

What Should You Look For in a Brand When You Start Buying Baby Clothes and Other Newborn Stuff?

How can you tell you’re shopping with a worthy brand? A brand's reputation often speaks louder than its advertisements. Authentic positive reviews and feedback from fellow parents paint a trustworthy image. Ask around and get recommendations for the different newborn essentials.

The trust a brand has with its customers is further cemented when it showcases transparency in its processes, from material sourcing to ethical manufacturing. If a brand goes the extra mile to help you enjoy peace of mind, it’s a good indicator that they’re worth shopping with. 

Your interactions with a brand play a pivotal role, too. How promptly and efficiently a brand responds to queries, offers support, or handles returns highlights its commitment to you as a customer. This engagement and customer support is a testament to their dedication.

A diverse product range can simplify your shopping process and ensure consistent quality, whether you're buying baby clothes, toys, nursery must-haves, or any other essentials. 

But above all, safety should never be compromised. Brands that conduct rigorous safety checks and adhere to, or even surpass, global standards are the ones truly deserving of your trust. That being said, you can feel all your stress and uncertainty melt away as Caden Lane is your trusted source for all things baby.

Why You Can Count on Caden Lane for All Things Baby

Navigating the vast landscape of baby products can be overwhelming. Yet, when parents discover Caden Lane, they find a haven of trust, quality, and style. Here's why you can lean on us for all things baby:

We’ve combined our passion for creative design with our love for all things baby. This means we’re a brand you can trust for high-quality items that cater to you and your child’s unique needs - with adorable designs that melt your heart and serve as precious keepsakes for years to come.

You can count on us for all clothing essentials like bamboo baby pajamas, mom and baby matching outfits, customized baby clothes, baby bows, zipper onesies, sleep sacks, baby 2 piece pajamas, baby rompers, and more.

But, we have all the essential newborn baby accessories you need to conquer parenthood like a pro. That includes nursery name signs, custom diaper bags, bamboo crib sheets, nursery wallpaper, changing pad covers, nursery wall art, and everything in between.

We encourage you to learn more about our brand values and see what other parents had to say after shopping with us. But before we wrap up this guide on when to start buying baby stuff, here are some tips on navigating the shopping process.

Quick Tips on Getting Started Shopping for Baby Clothes and Other Newborn Stuff

There’s no denying the decision overwhelm and uncertainty that comes when you start buying baby clothes and other stuff. We’re here to help you find a sense of calm and organization with tips on getting started. Here’s your roadmap to shopping for a baby.

Budgeting for Baby

You can stretch your dollars without compromising on quality when you plan strategically. So, assess your financial situation before diving into shopping. This will help you prioritize essentials over desirable extras.

Be sure to look at the long-term value of items rather than the price tag itself. Some items, like a high-quality crib or stroller, might have a higher upfront cost but can last through multiple children or even serve other purposes later on.

Keeping an eye out for sales events, especially online, can yield significant savings. But ultimately, expenses are part of being a parent - you can’t avoid them altogether. 

Storing Essentials Before the Big Day

Preparation is key. With baby items piling up, having an organized system can save you a lot of time and stress. If you already have your child’s nursery set up, great - start filling up dresser drawers and organizing their closet.

But if not, where can you put everything in the meantime to prevent a cluttered mess? Segregate items in labeled boxes or bins by category - clothing, feeding, toys, etc. Remember that climate control matters, especially for clothing items. Ensure everything is stored in a cool, dry place to prevent mold/mildew.

Shopping When You Don’t Know Baby’s Gender

Whether you're keeping it a surprise or just prefer gender-neutral items, there's plenty of choices available. In fact, we have an entire selection of unisex baby clothes at Caden Lane to help you with this. 

Whites, grays, and soft pastels are not just versatile but also soothing for the baby. Focus on getting essential items that are practical and comfortable. Then, you can buy gender-specific clothes once your child arrives.

Understanding the Baby Essential Landscape

The big question is - what do I need to buy? The answer is simple: a lot of different things. But this is where having a checklist proves invaluable. You can categorize everything and start to chisel away item by item. Here are the basics:

  • Nursery Essentials: crib, mattress, bedding, changing table, decor, a chair, etc.
    • Feeding Essentials: bottles, breast pump, formula, etc.
    • Clothing Essentials: onesies, swaddles, gowns, etc.
    • Diaper Essentials: diapers, wipes, creams, diaper bags, changing pad covers, etc.
    • Travel Essentials: car seat, stroller, diaper bag, etc.

    Most of these are available at Caden Lane. But for the items we don’t sell, like diapers and car seats, be sure to do your due diligence in finding a brand/product.

    How Many Of Each Item Do You Need?

    Part of what makes shopping for a baby so tricky is that you don’t realize how many of each item you need. So, how many changing pad covers do I need? How many swaddles do I need? How many bibs do I need?

    We have guides addressing all these questions, but the truth is, there is never going to be a one-size-fits-all answer. In general, though, it’s better to have more than you need than find yourself scrambling to get laundry done or stressing out about not having enough of something on hand.

    Materials, Styles, Sizing, and More

    The details matter when shopping for your baby. Prioritize these things:

    • Safety and comfort: Always check for hypoallergenic materials, especially for clothing and bedding.
    • Understand sizing: Baby sizes can be confusing. Always check the brand's size chart and when in doubt, size up.
    • Functional over flashy: It's easy to get swayed by cute designs, but for daily use, functionality is key. Look for clothes that are easy to put on and take off, toys that are safe and durable, and gear that's easy to clean.

    Wrapping Up Our Guide on When to Buy Baby Clothes

    That concludes our guide on when to buy baby clothes and other essentials. So, when is the best time to start buying baby clothes? And when should you start buying baby stuff like car seats, strollers, and other essentials?

    Starting early has its advantages, allowing for financial planning and seizing sales opportunities. It's essential to consider seasonality, baby's due date, and potential gifts from baby showers.

    Beyond when to buy baby stuff, finding a trustworthy brand is paramount when making purchases, not just for clothing but for all baby essentials. Quality, safety, and durability should always be at the forefront. That’s where Caden Lane comes in.

    Our blog is filled with helpful resources to help you feel more confident navigating early parenthood. You can learn what to pack in newborn diaper bag, when can toddlers sleep with a blanket, what should baby wear under swaddle, the differences between a sleep sack vs swaddle, how to get baby to sleep without swaddle along with a list of tips on transitioning out of swaddle.

    But, why not get a headstart on some of your shopping now that you know when to start buying baby stuff? We have the best baby pajamas, the best swaddles for newborns, the best sleep sacks for newborns, the best crib sheets, and everything in between.

    Every baby step you take brings you closer to the moment you'll hold your little one. Make sure they’re greeted by the best clothing and essentials when they finally arrive by shopping with us!

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