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About Us - Caden Lane

Hello friends! We are so glad you found us, and hopefully fell madly in love with some of our designs. We LOVE when we inspire great nursery design. We are a South Texas based company – a team (and small family) of moms just like you! We have a passion for style, design, and everything baby… and we are pretty sure we have trend ADD b/c it changes as quick as the Texas weather!

Want to make us happy? Ask us design questions! Our favorite thing to do is help customers come up with their dream nursery. Paint questions? We can help! Trying to mix-and-match, well hello, we are experts at that! Don’t hesitate to give us a shout – you can reach us HERE.


I’ve always said that the nursery is the one room in the house where anything goes. If you want dark floral wallpaper, chalkboard walls, or the sweetest shade of pink everywhere just go for it (because chances are your husband won’t let you do it anywhere else)! My children’s rooms are my favorite rooms in the house. I remember peeing on the stick and simultaneously brainstorming nursery design ideas long before I knew if it was a boy or girl! I daydream about decorating a new nursery in my home; problem is, a fourth baby would have to come with it!

My love for design always seems to start with a favorite print or fabric—fabric is my world, my muse, my secret obsession. My rules for design are simple: there are no rules. I don’t consider myself a traditional “matchy” person; I’m a little eclectic, modern for the south, and in Texan fashion, big is ALWAYS better. My first baby was born in 2004 when I launched my line of crib bedding, diaper bags, and baby accessories, called Caden Lane. A few years later, I opened my first flagship retail store, Nursery Couture, in Texas. Both have pretty cool instas, so please follow us! I now have three precious (and sometimes crazy) children who I adore and completely obsess over—Cade, Ashlyn, and Lila.

I know I’m a workaholic. I live, breathe and dream nursery design and everything baby. But I love what I do, and not everyone can say that. I’d say I’m a pretty lucky gal. Is running two businesses, and keeping three kiddos happy and healthy hard? Absolutely. But a glass o’ wine and a hot bath can help fix anything.

Email me! I'd love to help you with your nursery, hear about your favorite decorating trend, or maybe even tell us how we can do better! And, in the meantime, make sure to follow Caden Lane on Facebook or Instagram. We have a pretty cool Pinterest too!

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